Which Two Countries share the World’s Shortest Border? 🤔

Do you Know which two countries share the world’s shortest border, Answer is Gambia and Senegal, Read full article and get to know why they share shortest borders.

The World’s Most Shortest Border: Gambia and Senegal


Have you ever pondered around the world’s most brief worldwide border? See no advance! The two nations sharing this refinement are Gambia and Senegal.

Settled inside the borders of Senegal, the Gambia could be a minor West African country with a special topographical nearness.

Let’s investigate the interesting subtle elements of this compact boundary and the verifiable setting behind it.

1) A Unique Geographical Anomaly:

The Gambia, known for its different natural life and rich cultural legacy, holds a uncommon put within the world of geology.

With a slim and prolonged shape, it extends along the Gambia Stream, encompassed totally by Senegal.

This special geological irregularity gives the Gambia the title of the world’s littlest terrain nation.

2) The Senegambia Confederation:

The vicinity and authentic ties between Gambia and Senegal have a deep-rooted past. In 1982, the two nations shaped the Senegambia Confederation, a short-lived political union pointed at cultivating financial and political participation.

In spite of its disintegration in 1989, the relationship between the two countries remains solid, with different social and financial trades.


3) The Importance of the Gambia River:

The Gambia River, after which the nation is named, plays a vital part within the lives of both countries.

It not as it were gives a imperative conduit for transportation but too bolsters the vocations of nearby communities through angling and horticulture.

The waterway serves as a normal border between Gambia and Senegal, contributing to the one of a kind geographic circumstance.

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4) Friendly Relations and Tourism:

Gambia and Senegal appreciate neighborly conciliatory relations, advancing tourism and exchange between the two nations.

Numerous travelers visiting Senegal regularly take the opportunity to investigate the Gambia’s attractions, and bad habit versa, making the foremost of their near vicinity.


In conclusion, Gambia and Senegal share the world’s most limited universal border, with the Gambia being completely encompassed by its bigger neighbor.

This interesting topographical include, together with their verifiable ties and neighborly relations, makes these two countries stand out within the world of topography and strategy.

So, the following time you wonder at the differences of our planet’s borders, keep in mind the captivating story of Gambia and Senegal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1) Which Two Countries share the World’s Shortest Border

Ans: The two countries that share the world’s shortest border are:
Gambia and Senegal: The Gambia is a small country located within the borders of Senegal, with its coastline along the Atlantic Ocean.

2) Why is the Gambia completely encompassed by Senegal?

Ans: The special topographical circumstance of the Gambia, being totally encompassed by Senegal, may be a result of its stretched shape along the Gambia Waterway. Generally, the borders were drawn amid the colonial time, and the stream served as a normal boundary between the two regions.

3) What is the centrality of the Senegambia Confederation?

Ans: The Senegambia Confederation was a political union shaped in 1982 between Gambia and Senegal. It pointed to cultivate financial and political participation between the two nations. In spite of the fact that the confederation broken down in 1989, it cleared out a enduring affect on their conciliatory relations and social trades.

4) Can visitors effortlessly visit both Gambia and Senegal amid a trip?

Ans: Yes, visitors can helpfully visit both Gambia and Senegal amid a trip due to their near vicinity. Numerous travelers investigating Senegal frequently take the opportunity to cross the border and investigate the attractions of the Gambia. Essentially, sightseers going to Gambia can effectively wander into Senegal to involvement its social and authentic locales.

5) What role does the Gambia Waterway play within the lives of both nations?

Ans: The Gambia Waterway is of gigantic significance to both Gambia and Senegal. It serves as a imperative conduit for transportation, encouraging exchange and commerce. Also, the stream bolsters the jobs of neighborhood communities through angling and agribusiness, making it an basic asset for both countries.

6) Are there any progressing border debate between Gambia and Senegal?

Ans: As of my final information overhaul in September 2021, there were no noteworthy continuous border debate between Gambia and Senegal. The two nations keep up inviting conciliatory relations and have a history of settling any issues through exchange and participation.

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