Niall Horan drops a bombshell revelation, exposing Lewis Capaldi in a scandal of epic proportions. 

The shocking scandal centers around Capaldi's claim in his documentary, leaving fans in disbelief. 

Horan boldly accuses Capaldi of deception, labeling him a liar and exposing his alleged dishonesty. 

The shocking confession unfolds during a revealing interview, leaving listeners stunned and eager for more details. 

Tensions escalate as Horan unveils a conversation with Capaldi's mother, uncovering even darker secrets. 

The truth behind Capaldi's laundry habits is exposed, shattering the image of his authenticity. 

Speculations run wild as fans question the extent of Capaldi's deception and wonder if there are more hidden truths. 

As the scandal unfolds, the future of Horan and Capaldi's friendship hangs in the balance, leaving fans on the edge of their seats.