Hey there! Great news! Netflix is NOT removing Christian movies, despite what some rumors on social media might say. 

The whole confusion started from a satirical article back in 2016, but it keeps popping up even today. Don't worry, it's just a joke!

Netflix has confirmed that they have no plans to remove Christian films from their streaming service. So, you can still enjoy your favorite Christian movies. 

In fact, there's a whole Faith and Spirituality section on Netflix with movies and shows catering to Christian viewers of all ages. 

Some websites use parody to trick people and get more clicks, but it's essential to fact-check before spreading information. 

There's a vast selection of Christian films available on Netflix, like "The Young Messiah," "Blue Miracle," and "A Week Away" (a Netflix original). 

Netflix is a global platform, so they strive to provide diverse content that appeals to different audiences, including Christian movies. 

To sum it up, Netflix is NOT getting rid of Christian films; they're still adding new ones to their library. So, enjoy your movie time and share this accurate information with others! 


Large Radish