1. Curious Minds suggests that almost every molecule in a glass of water has been peed out by a dinosaur.

2. The Mesozoic era, the period of dinosaur reign, lasted for 186 million years.

3. Dinosaurs had ample time to drink water during their long existence.

4. Water consumed by dinosaurs was eventually released back into the environment through urination.

5. Over millions of years, water molecules from dinosaur urine have become part of the Earth's water cycle.

6. Today, the water we drink likely contains molecules that once passed through dinosaurs' bodies.

7. Most of the water molecules we consume have likely never been drunk by another human.

8. The presence of dinosaurs means that nearly every water molecule has been consumed by a dinosaur in the past.

9. Drinking water creates a connection between the present and the ancient world.

10. Understanding the origins of the water we consume can inspire a sense of wonder and connection with nature.

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