BEBOP-1 is a newly discovered solar system with planets orbiting two suns, resembling Tatooine from Star Wars.

 Astronomers from the University of Birmingham used NASA's TESS telescope to identify the planet TOI-1338b within the BEBOP-1 system.

 The mass of TOI-1338b remains unknown, adding to the intrigue surrounding this planet.

 Researchers unexpectedly discovered another planet, BEBOP-1c, in the BEBOP-1 system with a mass 65 times that of Earth.

Circumbinary planets like TOI-1338b and BEBOP-1c offer valuable insights into the process of planet formation.

 The discovery of multi-star systems and planets orbiting two suns in real life has captivated Star Wars fans.

Kepler 16 and Kepler 35 are other known star systems with multiple stars that have fascinated Star Wars enthusiasts.

 The diverse range of planetary sizes and characteristics found within the universe is highlighted by the discovery of BEBOP-1c, which has a mass 65 times that of Earth.

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